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iBook G4 hollow preface and arrangement ?


I have freshly reached some Globule computers.

1) iMac G4 17-fingerbreadth with 1ghz PPC CPU and 80gb. HD, and 786mb ram.

2) iBook 14-fingerbreadth with 1.42ghz. PPC CPU and 100gb. HD, and 1.5gb ram.


Originally, I was going to composition the iMac with trinal galoshes executive 9.2 / Lynx / Leopard

however now I think I am going to put the iMac away and use the iBook instead.


I mainly use my Mac Pro towers and iPad, iPhone, and Macbook pro on a quotidian use.

I just want to composition the iBook and iMac PPC for Wistful reasons.


It has the initial fix up DVD’s , Mac OS Lynx 1.4.7 and executive 9x. I already have a Lynx fix up DVD from the iMac.

I want to be able to trinal galoshes executive 9.2 / Lynx / Cheetah. So I would like some directions on how to do this.


The iBook has a 100gb. HD so I think I want to severance it with 3 partitions, One for each OS.

(3) 33.3gb. partitions formatted in OS-X long Journal.

I will then fix up OS Lynx on 1st severance.

I have an apparent USB Duplex flap DVD ride so I can Fix Up OS Cheetah on Second severance.


I am not sure how to go about installing executive 9x ?

Do I fix up it in the OS Lynx severance or in it’s own severance ( 3rd severance )?


I want to be able to boss which OS to galoshes in from the firmware galoshes menu.


If I fix up executive 9x in it own severance with quoit drivers will I be able to galoshes up into executive 9x ?

Also how do I fix up the updates for executive 9.2x?





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