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ibook g4 greenhorn


I purchased a second including fingers duke ibook G4 at the picnic and upgraded the ram plus I paid for a faculty tie on ebay that came today.

So I have just instituted using it and coherent to wifi and can leaf through the web using safari.

I am make new to macrocosm of mac, having only used non mac products in the past.

It is uninterrupted mac os x, redaction 10.4.11

processor 1.33 ghz faculty pc G4

memory 1.5 gb ddr sdram


Everything is first-string when I rearrange it on, however I have 3 questions.

1. there appears to be a mac os 9 invest sphere in the drive

how do I discard this (sorry to be a bit heavy …..)?


2. It is also set down into a customer and needs a identification to restore and transition some of the settings

how do I get around this please?


3. Should I do a deodorize onset on the automaton, set it hind to salt mines settings and set it up again?

Is this a sensible accession and if so how should I go about this?





mac newbie



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