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Veracious salver for iBook Clamshell?

Hello!  I just a while ago dug out my old iBook Clamshell from the substructure and was no good to one in a million the influence joint for it.  Inferior to influence it on to see if I had any files I would need on it, I got on eBay and purchased a charger.  I am now kind of fretful that I may have acquired the faux pas type.  I saw three types of  perpendicular record: a “Apple 45 Watt Influence Adapter”, an “Apple Light Influence Adapter”, and “Apple PowerBook G4 Influence Joint.”  I purchased the “Apple Light Influence Joint and I am now not sure if it will work.  Below is a pic of the 45 watt influence joint and the light influence joint.  Thank you to everyone for your help!Veracious salver for iBook Clamshell?Veracious salver for iBook Clamshell?



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