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windows 10 1607 : slows down my internet access

I installed 1607 in august; as a result, my internet access  to websites became painfully thick. I tried accessing via 4 different browsers [chorme/firefox/edge/ie11]. my internet run is fine- i checked; the problem is very thick access to websites. Tried altering my DNS, LAN, etc, but nothing helps. I only …

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access exclusive URL

Dell Laptop running Windows 10 home Problem began about 21Oct16; incapable to access cnn.com. Occurs with both Firefox Ver 49.0 and Current translation of Microsoft Edge. Attempted wired and wireless connection, no change. Both browsers and connections return “The connection was reset” Attempted different addict, Administrator, no change. No other …

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No access privileges, I swiftly can’t do anything

Windows 7. I have lost all privileges. Cant access anything. Can’t take ownership of anything. Everything seems like i am already administrator so everything should bring about fine.  Can’t run checkdisk. (Opened cmd as administrator) I get: ‘access denied as you do not have ample privileges. You have to invoke …

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