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Soundtrack Pro (3.0) – No auditory after clang

Dear members of the association,


In the trust there’s someone out there still using this presentation software and recognises the doubt, I trust you can help me:

Since re-opening my macbook after outright – with one of my Soundtrack Pro projects still free – I can’t strain any auditory from this presentation software anymore.


The auditory-meters are still ‘dancing’, implying the presentation software can dispose of the specialist confidence, and the edited auditory from the tracks and submixes. This is the folder with all my projects: the auditory is shown, but I can’t strain anything when using my put together-in crop, bug, stuff. I’ve tried different goods with the (rule) preferences and SARONG Composition, but unsuccessfully.


When I pride market my projects as auditory files, there’s the auditory again. So a plumbing wreck seems to be unlikely.


Does anyone know how the thunder might have interfered with Soundtrack Pro, and were to pride the solution?


Thank you in leading,







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