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close pop up ads on OSX Bank

I have OS Pile, rewording 10.12.3 on Mac mini.  When I leaf through the UK scandal sheet, Periodic Postcard, there are now ads in the rank, beside the articles and at the undermost of the cloak (this one has an x so that I can wall off it down).  But I can’t wall off down the others – they only have the selection to go further into the ad.  This is really annoying.  It is also causing a spinning pivot that freezes everything and it takes perpetually to gaping “force quit” to just get out of the scandal sheet.  I haven’t had a serious point at issue like this before.  Just some indiscreet trivial ads that have followed me after I’ve finished an plugged in property or am researching possible property.  What these foregoer should see daylight is that it annoys me so much I would NEVER buy from them.  If anyone can prescribe me what to do I would be very grateful. 



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