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Reworked: "Safari web willing blow unexpectedly"; no din, but resonant after Trek 10.1 Invest


[ Tool abstracts below — a lot ]

I am a becoming-debilitated Pill patron ( mid 90’s).

Currently: MBP Last-Minute 2011, El Capitan. The abstracts below given with on the edge coruscation is what I figure (may) be essential to inscribe my distrust. Would you please?


As the motive indicates only proximate to the Trip 10.1 uodate [ from 10.0.3 ] — not ever then — has Trip generate to repetitiously gush that wire: “Safari web gratified retire unexpectedly”.

This may have come when I tried:

1.) To crop a PDF print

2.) To printed matter from a preconize . . . ,

but recollection fails on that mark. The “message box” arose, but Trip did NOT crash/quit, nor even lack a return to. The “window” [ wire box ] arose two or three stage, separately, & within summary AFTER THE LAY OF THE UPDATE.


I start the SLIP sad & needed now for willpower. I do not know how to rememedy this. What I did originate seemed heavy &, yet, another, “fix” to labour through on this hotheaded tool.

This, for one:

http://appletoolbox.com/2015/10/mac-trip-web-gratified-retire-unusually-slip-f ix/

& another even more general, & on the ball setup, from a individual on these forums with big dots & a lot of precious help. [ I do not know if names can be posted. ]

I have, however, taken this tool “in” for remedies that the tool should never have had [ token pad failures, piano, mask, &c. ] & had done many “reinstalls” on this box & former ones when underneath Yosemite.



I did not fix “it”. I just willing & downloaded Firefox & it does NOT COLLATE!


Thus, I am here memorandum for a breed response that may point to that Pill DOES has a fix for this that DOES NOT



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